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FindAFishingClub.com is a great source for fishing clubs in the United States. We have the largest searchable database of fishing clubs in the USA. If you own a fishing club that is not in our database below, please see our FAQ section to submit it to us. Also, please let us know of any fishing clubs that have closed or need updating. FindaFishingClub.com is an excellent place to advertise your fishing related product or service. Please see our FAQ section for more details.



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We help fishermen find fishing clubs across the USA!


Types of fishing clubs include:


Large mouth bass fishing clubs, trout fly fishing clubs, muskie fishing clubs, crappie fishing clubs, catfishing clubs, pike fishing clubs, salmon fishing clubs, striped bass fishing clubs, ice fishing clubs, freshwater fishing clubs, saltwater fishing clubs.



Thinking about joining a fishing club?


Joining a fishing club can greatly enhance your fishing experience. Most fishing clubs offer opportunities to learn about fishing as well as have get-togethers centered around fishing. You can learn as well as contribute by sharing your fishing knowledge and experiences with other members. Some fishing clubs hold tournaments and activities throughout the year and may also compete at national events as well. Many fishing clubs hold two types of tournaments: "Club Tournaments" which are open only to the club's own members and "Open Tournaments" which are open to the general public. Most fishing clubs are not-for-profit organizations, and many raise money to support various community activities & fishing events. Some fishing clubs present annual college scholarships. Many fishing clubs are very active in their efforts to get children off of their phones and into the great outdoors to enjoy fishing. Older fishermen recognize that our youth are the future of the fishing sport. 


Many fishing clubs have monthly meetings at their club houses, lodge halls, or restaurants. Annual award dinners and luncheons are also common place with most fishing clubs. Annual awards are not only given to fishing club members who distinguish themselves during the year in various areas of fishing excellence, but also to club members who volunteer at club events and serve the fishing club in other ways. Many fishing clubs also have annual fishing club flea markets where members and sometimes non-members can sell their fishing related products to each other and the public.


To help fishing clubs with operating expenses, most charge a nominal annual membership, such as $20.00 a year for example. Some fishing clubs require you to attend a minimum amount of meetings a year. Many fishing clubs require new members to be voted in by a majority vote from current members or by club officers. Some fishing clubs have offer hats and shirts with the club logo on them. Most fishing club officers are voted in for a one or two year term by their members. Fishing clubs also generally have a set of bylaws to help govern the club and keep it on track. Many fishing clubs have established relationships with tackle manufacturers who offer free lures and other types of fishing tackle to members in exchange for product testing feedback. Most fishing clubs also have websites where members can post pictures of their best catches.


The fact is that fishing can be fun alone, but having others to go with, learn from, teach, and brag to, make it even funner! FindAFishingClub.com has the largest database of active fishing clubs in the USA! So find a fishing club below today!    



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